The key moment on the stage of a trip planning is the solution of the accommodation problem. And it does not matter whether it is a business trip or a tourist one. There are lots of offers in the market and sometimes it happens so that it’s difficult not to get confused. We shall willingly help you to find a suitable type of accommodation. We shall make a selection of key parameters and do the booking. It is important for us that our guests feel comfortable.

We have a possibility to offer to your consideration a small, but very comfortable hotel ‘Wine Hotel Chisinau’ for an attractive price. The suites are comfortable; they are made in the ecological design style. At your disposal there are a sympathetic personnel and a cozy lobby bar. As a compliment from the hotel at your checking in - a glass of wine on your choice. The hotel is very favorably geographically located: on the border of the sleeping area and the city centre. Behind the building of the hotel there is a park, at a few steps distance there are some restaurants with a national kitchen, shops, and a public transport stop. If you need a taxi the receptionist will kindly call it for you. In the lobby one can order a tasting of wines the broadest assortment of which is presented here. Under the sensitive guidance of a certificated sommelier you will feel a bouquet and taste of the wines of the best Moldovan brands.