1. No other European country is able to fascinate you with its visible contrast between the achievements of modern civilization, both in cities and in the everyday lives of ordinary villagers. You will be pleasantly surprised by the ability to speak Russian and English everywhere. No visas and registrations!

2. Only in Moldova you can find the largest wine cellars in the world (more than 200 km of underground galleries), which were recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, having the largest collection of wines in the world. 7000 years of winemaking tradition (seriously, seven thousand, proved by archeologists!); two mode of production - European and local-Moldovan, and 500 varieties. All this is closed in the bottles and served to guests. How can you not drink for love?

3. Traveling in Moldova, you will find a large number of monasteries located among ancient forests and river banks (including the oldest cave monastery in Europe), concentrated in such a small piece of land, which is sometimes referred as "Paradise."

4. Only in Moldova you can find a unique natural formation called Toltry (reef formation of Sarmatian Sea, dating back 10-20 million years BC), by time and nature, grottos and caves of incredible shapes that form a landscaped area.

5. Only in Moldova, local crafts are still preserved in its original form for centuries.. You can come here and try to do it by yourself!

6. Moldavian cuisine is one of the highlights of the trip here. Despite the fact that the Moldavian cuisine was influenced by Greek, Turkish, Balkan, Western European, and later - Ukrainian and Russian, as well as Jewish and German dishes, it is different identity. All delicious, all fresh, all with spices ... The variety of vegetables, cheese, meat, traditional pies, pastries, stuffed cabbage ... mmm ... overeat here is very, very simple - but what a pleasure for the process! By the way, according to the Caucasus Business Week magazine, traditional Moldavian cuisine occupies 36th place in the world. According to the compilers of the rating, especially delicious are those traditional dishes from Moldova as a jelly, chorba, hominy, cheese and deputy. 

7. Moldovans are very friendly hosts. You will be most welcome in Casa Mare (a big room in the house), where people celebrate all the important events and family activities. Moldovans are very open and friendly towards their guests. You are waited at every doorstep with a smile and a glass of a good house wine. Perhaps the explanation is in the popular saying «Cum primeşti un oaspete, aşa vei fi şi tu primit» (how you receive a guest, so he will receive you). While in other countries, improper eating too much at a party, in the Republic of Moldova is considered to be ignorance, if you eat too little!

8. Join the main event of the country - the National Wine Festival. In the first weekend of October you have the unique opportunity to participate in professional tasting, visit vineyards and special events dedicated to the wine culture, art and gastronomy. But to be precise, the wine festival here never stops!

9. In Moldova, you can find a great mix of cultures, as the country has been part of various empires in the past.  In Moldova there is a bright mixture between western and eastern cultures. Exploring this country is very interesting, because you never know what might have.

10. Only in Moldova you have a unique opportunity to travel in a time machine! Do you want to plunge in the times of the USSR? Visit Transnistria in this "island of the Soviet period." Walk through Tiraspol, near the building of Soviets, Suvorov monument of Lenin, Gagarin - the city stopped in time ...

11. Sharp precise movements, frantic pace, a variety of costumes, flying silhouettes - it's all about the traditional Moldavian dances such as Hora Fetelor, Hostropets etc. If you are lucky enough to get to the performance of the ensemble Joc or Veselie, you will understand what a such of delight is it!

12. Chisinau - a city that has managed to combine old and modern flavor in one place. Different religions, different food, different times. This city is a symbol of white stone from which it was rebuilt. But buried in the green buildings are simple adorable.