Trip to Naslavcha - hart of Moldova

In the very north of Moldova is one of the most beautiful villages in the country - Naslavcha.
Once, having been here, you fall in love with these places and take away with you the enthusiasm and desire to return with you to your heart. It happened to us!
Here you will find a place that is easily confused with the mountainous Switzerland, but wild and unbridled. Remoteness from the main hiking trails and central cities "Saved" is a place from civilization.
Naslavcha is conveniently located on the banks of the Dniester between the high picturesque hills. Karpov Yar, a state-protected paleontological monument, is located very close. Fans of ancient eras can personally see and touch black shales with phosphorites, shale clay, thin-layer with imprints of Sarmatian fish, plants.

A few kilometers from Naslavchi are located Nagoryansky caves, a saving refuge for local residents during the Tatars' raid. There are still legends and beautiful virgins and spirits of hills protecting the lands of Naslavchi from misfortunes.

The Dniester flowing between the hills and villages forms bizarre bends and washes a heart-shaped wooded island. They say that this is the heart of the Dniester.

 Tour price:

       Tour price per person (euro)
on request

    The program includes :
  • Gathering guests from the hotel
  • Tour to Naslavcha

         Start: Chisinau

 Duration : 15 hours

Distance : 510  Кm

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