The old manor house - lavender walks

     Family estates, parks with alleys, keeping secrets of bygone years, an old pond...everything here invites you to a leisurely walk, contemplation.

     Saulski Park.About 200 km North of Chisinau, in the centre of the village of Tsaul is the largest Park in Moldova, founded around the HOMESTEAD of the Pommer family in the early 20th century. It was a bold plan by the standards of the time. For the formation of the Park has brought plants from all over the world. The result is impressive to this day - a dense network of alleys, with various floral arrangements, many paths and paths, the length of which is more than 12.5 km.

      Estate Of Olanovica. Near the country road between the villages of Myndyk and Kotova, among the clean fields, is one of the most amazing in Moldova HOMESTEAD and Park ensembles, dendrological Park – Villa Myndyk. This estate was bought from the Moldavian landowner of the aristocratic Armenian family Oganovich (Ohanowicz) in the 19th century, there was founded a Park, rebuilt the manor house, stylized Chinese pagoda. Was also cleaned and sanitized 3 ponds built stone family cemetery, water mill with mile underground conduit. But the main thing is that the plan of the Park was carefully thought out and according to it the alleys were broken, the paths were paved with stone, an openwork metal bridge, the Bridge of sorrow was thrown over the stream. The planning of the Park and its General concept involved a great architect, Alexander Bernardazzi, constantly checking with the plan of the owner of the estate, Kaethan Oganovich.

       Field Lavanda Moldova .The French lovingly call lavender blue gold. Our region also has this wealth. Lavender fields in Moldova bloom by mid-June, in the North bloom until early August. Not much time to enjoy this natural splendor. In combination with the vineyards and villages it turns out a striking picture. It is not surprising that tourists are in a hurry to see these fabulous places every year.

Tour price: 

 Tour price per person (euro)

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The program includes:

  • Gathering guests from the hotel
  • Excursion to the estate Villa Mandic
  • Tour Saulski Park
  • Excursion to a lavender field. Donduseni

  Start: Chisinau

 Time : 12 hours

 Distance : 450 Km

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