City tour is a date with the city. Our goal is to debunk the myths of boring excursions and share the impressions about our beautiful city with travelers. We will discover the city from an unexpected side, show curious places, talk about unknown facts and legends. We will tie together pieces of history that would get a portrait of our lovely city.

We like every type of excursion:

Thematic tours: do you want to walk around the city with Pushkin?
One-plan overview: are you interested in 18th century architecture? We will show and tell you everything! Do you want to hear five sad, but beautiful love stories?
City tours: we will tell you the main historical events of the city and show the originality of its modern appearance.

Our guide has a certificate of sommelier and will be able to make for you a fascinating tour through the wineries of Chisinau.

Moreover! We are happy to organize a bike or even running tour for you.

Price of walking tour:

The number of people
 Tour price per person (euro)
4  and more

Price of car city tour:

The number of people
 Tour price per person (euro)
4  and more

For large groups, prices are negotiable.

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