Weekend tour Moldova

1 Day - Asconi Winery and city tour in Chisinau

Welcome to Chisinau! Meeting guests at the airport/railway station.

Our journey begins with the village of Puhoi. The journey takes no more than half an hour and you will find yourself in the Asconi Winery, whose wine was recognized as the best in Moldova in 2015.

Here you will be offered  take part in wine tasting.

Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation.

Tour of the evening Chisinau. The opportunity to see the oldest park in Moldova, the Cathedral of the 19th century, find out where the Asian part of the city began in the 19th century.

If you still have the strength after a walk - you can go to the wine bars of the city.

Included in cost:

  • Excursions around the evening Chisinau
  • Wine-tourist «Asconi» complex
  • Tasting: try 5 types of wines 

2 Day - monastery of Curchi, the natural-archaeological complex of Old Orhei 
and lunch in rural Guest House

Breakfast in the hotel.

We leave for the central part of Moldova.

Visiting the monastery of Curchi, created according to the sketches of Bartolomeo Rastrelli. The presence of beautiful nature and the architectural ensemble of the monastery, enveloped in multiple legends, creates a favorable atmosphere for visitors to these places.

Moving to the natural-archaeological complex of Old Orhei (Orhei Vechi), where traces of different civilizations were found. Here you can see: the ancient fortress of the Golden Horde Shehr al-Jedid, the Dax fortress, the ancient city of Orhei.

From the height of the rocks you can see a beautiful view. Surprisingly picturesque river of Reut (Răut), the channel of which was cut by a deep canyon among the fossil coral reef, the ancient Sarmatian Sea.

In the afternoon we offer a fascinating journey to the stone kingdom - the cellars from Branesti (Pivniţele din Brăneşti). A lunch of traditional national cuisine in the rural Guest House.

We return to the hotel to rest after a busy day.

Included in cost:

  • Excursions around the Curchi  Monastery and the natural-archaeological complex of Old Orhei
  • lunch of traditional national cuisine in the rural Guest House

3 day - Capriana Monastery and Milestii Mici tunnels

Farewell breakfast at the hotel.

Excursion to one of the oldest monasteries of Moldova - Căpriana. The monastery is located in a valley of amazing beauty, surrounded on three sides by wooded hills. The monastic complex consists of three churches, the abbot's house (built in 1826), artesian wells, decorated in national style, an ancient monastic cemetery.

The final excursion to Milestii Mici tunnels, are the largest underground cave network  with the biggest collection of wine in the world. These are situated at a depth of about 85m under the ground. This has been officially documented by the Guiness Book of World Records! Mileștii Mici has over 200 km of underground streets, over 50 km of wine galleries, over 2 million bottles of wine, some which date back to 1968. Visitors have the unique opportunity to walk along the cool, dark galleries and avenues where big barrels are placed. The wine bottles, covered with noble dust are expecting for the day to be enjoyed.

We take you to the airport as the most expensive guests; we will miss you very much and look forward to a new meeting.

  • Excursions around Capriana Monastery
  • Wine-tourist Milestii Mici complex
  • Tasting: try 3 types of wines + dishes of national Moldovan cuisine

Included in cost:

- 2 nights accommodation with breakfast

- Transfers on the tour program

- Services of English speaking guide

- Meals on the tour: one lunch in a peasant homestead

- Wine-tourist Milestii Mici complex (3 types of wines + dishes of national Moldovan cuisine)

- Wine-tourist «Asconi» complex (5 types of wines)

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