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Transnistria has preserved a lot of Soviet monuments, equipment, attractive places and facts that will be interesting for everyone to learn. Incredible nature - strange forms of rock, waterfalls, forests, the true beauty of which is difficult to describe. The capital of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic - Tiraspol, has pretty unusual charm, because despite the recent conflict, the city looks calm and tidy. A lot of places for recreation: botanical garden with a luxurious rose garden and monuments to important historical figures. At 12km from the capital there is the Bender Fortress. For a long time, the citadel was closed to visitors, because the military unit was located there. Even now, only one part of this complex is open. An arch was built on the territory of the memorial, a copy of the one that used to be on Benderskaya Street in Chisinau.Fortunately, the most interesting part of the citadel has been fully restored, namely, the monuments of the great commanders, the head and the museum, opened in a former powder magazine. Another interesting place to visit is the Novo-Nyametsky Monastery, also known as Kitskansky Monastery. It was founded by monks who were forced to leave the Neamt Monastery, due to the reforms of Alexander Kuza, which interfered with their basic spiritual and moral foundations. As a gift from the state, the new temple received a list of the miraculous icons of the Mother of God.

 Start : Chisinau

 Time : 3 days

 Distance : 999 Km

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