Сave monasteries of Saharna, Tipova

Tipova Cave Monastery

Monastery Tipova is located on the Dniester's riverside. The only one in Europe rock monastic complex. The historical evidences, left by the lost civilizations still keep echoes of the spirit of the past. Monastic cells, connected by internal galleries, are striking not only by their size, but also by their location. They were built right in the rocks, at 100m height. The unique landscape, calming noise of the waterfall will help to restore energy and to obtain inner peace.

     The Saharna Monastery 

Saharna Monastery is one of the most ancient and amazing monasteries in Moldova. This men's abbey is located between two rock gorges, so that the side looks incredibly beautiful, but not comparable to the view that opens to you from the highest observation point of the temple - Grimidon. In addition, on this hill there is a place protected by a small chapel, in which the footprint of the mother of God is kept. And in the church hall there is an altar carved into the rock, adorned with beautiful iconostasis.

 Tour price:

The number of eople
       Tour price per person (euro)
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The progam includes:

  • Pick up from the hotel
  • Monastery Saharna
  • Monastery Tipova 
  • Transfer to Chisinau 

 start point: Chisinau

 duration: 12 hours

 distance: 400 km

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