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Gagauz - people who are located in the south of Moldova. Now it is one of the few ethnic groups in Europe that speaks mostly in Gagauzian. The center of this civilization is the village of Beshalma, introduced to UNESCO as a unique historical monument. You can also find the Museum of History and Ethnography of this unique people. It was founded in 1966 by Dmitry Kara-Ceban, an outstanding writer and expert on Gagauz culture. The museum contains a lot of exhibits, of which the most outstanding are the works of Gagauz poets, writers and a huge collection of films that captured some of the most important historical events of this nation. You can watch them in a special cinema hall, without leaving the museum. Founded relatively recently, the beautiful city of Comrat is the heart of Gagauzia. Interesting museums, historical monuments, wineries - all this and much more will long remain in the memory of its visitors. Archaeological artifacts from the Museum of Regional Studies will weave a little Gagauz color into the trip, and monuments from the Walk of Fame of the Gagauz people will tell you about outstanding people from the history of this nation.


  • Сбор гостей из гостиницы
  • Трансфер в Милешты Мичь и Старый Оргеев
  • Экскурсия  с дегустацией 3 видов вина в подвалах Милешты Мичь +закуски
  • Музыкальное сопровождение
  • Дополнительная пешая экскурсия по городу по возвращению
  • Экскурсия по музею под открытым небом Старом Оргееву (Orhei Vechi)

 Start : Chisinau

 Time : 3 days

 Distance : 999 Km

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