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Old Orhei 

The Orhei Natural-Cultural Reserve of Moldova contains the archaeological complex Old Orhei, known for the diversity of it's monuments, characteristic of different ethnic groups and eras. Spread along the Reut River, the complex has retained significant historical artifacts, starting with the remnants of the once great Geth fortress, the ruins of a mosque and the mausoleums of the time of the Golden Horde, and even a medieval settlement. Nevertheless, most of the complex consists of impressive mixing of some cultures with others - rocky monasteries, previously serving as a refuge for cavemen. Now, their walls are covered with texts in Moldovan language of the 16-17 centuries. The natural component simply does not allow to remain indifferent to itself. A fascinating view of the calm Reut from the height of the rocks will remain in memory for a long time.

Программа :

  • Сбор гостей из гостиницы
  • Трансфер в Милешты Мичь и Старый Оргеев
  • Экскурсия  с дегустацией 3 видов вина в подвалах Милешты Мичь +закуски
  • Музыкальное сопровождение
  • Дополнительная пешая экскурсия по городу по возвращению
  • Экскурсия по музею под открытым небом Старом Оргееву (Orhei Vechi)

 Start : Chisinau

 Time : 3 days

 Distance : 999 Km

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